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First, did you read through the rules and FAQs carefully?

Did you check the masterlist of taken characters, as well as the In Consideration, Standby, and Dropped/Deceased lists, to see if anyone else has used the character and/or PB you want?

Are you at least 18 years of age?

Good! Then you're ready to apply.

If the character and PB you're applying for do not appear on any of the lists above, all you have to do is fill out the application below. You can then post the completed application on the character's journal and comment with the link below, or you can just put the completed application in the comments, if you prefer.

If the character appears on the In Consideration or Standby lists, you must include "Challenge" in the subject line of the comment when you apply. If the PB you want appears on either of these lists or the Taken Masterlist, you must either select a different PB or modify it sufficiently to be clearly visually distinct from the PB as it currently appears in the game. We will need to see sample icons of the modified PB before we can approve it.

If the character appears on the Dropped/Deceased list, you have the options to either adopt the character "as is" by copying and pasting the application as it appears on the application masterlist (though the character journal name will likely change--mark "Adoption" in the subject line), do a modified adoption (changing the current application slightly, but keep it largely the same--mark as "Modified Adoption" in the subject line), or you may submit an entirely new application for the character (mark as "New Pick-Up" in the subject line). PBs on the Dropped/Deceased list are entirely fair game, though other characters may remark upon the similarity in appearance in gameplay.

Don't forget! If you will be bringing in a PB-bearing regularly-appearing NPC with your character, you MUST note this on the application. Also, our organization mod requests that you include a height and a birthdate for any PB-bearing NPCs in the application.

Are you petitioning for an additional character slot? Don't forget to mark "Petition for Additional Slot" in the subject of your comment!

If you receive notice to revise your application, you have a five day grace period to correct and resubmit it. If you need an extension, ask the mods, and we can give you an additional three days. Failure to resubmit within this time period without special dispensation from the mods will result in a rejection of the application.

If you receive notice that the application has been rejected, we ask that you wait a minimum of fourteen days before reapplying for that character.

We are especially encouraging characters from the Hindu, Judeo-Christian, Celtic/Arthurian, and Mayan pantheons!

Not quite ready to apply, but want to reserve a character? You can do so here!


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