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Jun. 4th, 2011 12:41 pm
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-First, because the nature of our game will involve adult subject matter and we expect mature content, we ask that all players and PCs be at least 18 years of age. Also, please make sure all posts containing adult content are friends-locked, labeled and placed under appropriate cuts. As a side note, however, we ask that everyone keep content depicting illegal activities (e.g. underage drinking, illegal drug use, etc.) to a minimum (we do understand sometimes such things are appropriate to characterization, though; e.g. Dionysus may be lax about carding patrons or Loki might occasionally shoplift, etc.)—the mods do reserve the rights to have any characters performing illegal activities caught and punished by the appropriate NPC authorities if we feel the situation warrants it. When in doubt, please err on the side of tastefulness, or, if you’re truly concerned, ask a mod.

-Remember to use basic etiquette: no god-moding, do not use other people's characters without permission, keep drama to a minimum, try to use proper spelling and grammar, use cuts with especially large or image-heavy posts, etc. Essentially, the Golden Rule--be nice and civil to your mods and fellow players, and everyone is happy.

-All major plots should get mod clearance first. That means big things like marriages, pregnancies, adoptions, major battles/accidents/character tragedies and other sensitive plots should at least be run past us and given the proverbial stamp of approval before you put them in action. We’re pretty easygoing on such things, but if you’re unsure, just give us a heads-up. We DO allow het, slash, and femslash pairings here! As a tangent on this: no forsaking ICness for any plot. No one is allowed to force a character to act a certain way, especially if it goes against that character's personality. Plots and events should be circumstantial only--how the character reacts emotionally is up to the player.

-We expect there to be IC conflicts among various characters, and that these can sometimes be serious animosities. However, we do NOT tolerate character abuse here. If you feel a character is being unduly harassed, we have the following procedures in place to correct the issue: First, talk to the player(s) involved—sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding of each other’s comfort levels. If you can’t reach an agreement this way, contact the mods, and we will mediate a solution. This will be considered a first warning, and the mods reserve the right to freeze any threads involved in the conflict at this point. If the abuse continues, the mods will mandate a temporary freeze on all interactions of the involved characters, and we reserve the right to forbid them from bringing additional characters into the conflict if necessary—this is Strike One. If the interaction freeze is violated or if the abuse still continues, a final warning will be issued to the offending player(s)—this is Strike Two. If it happens again, Strike Three—the mods will permanently ban the offending player(s) from the game.

-PB-wise, we ask for real people only (no cartoons). We strongly discourage the use of duplicate PBs (unless it’s a specific situation, e.g. identical twin PCs). If you are absolutely set on using a duplicate PB (and it isn’t a twin or something), we ask that the icons are sufficiently modified/Photoshopped to make the PB clearly visually distinct (changing the hair color, adding scars, etc.) and that sample icons are submitted first to illustrate the changes. However, we do reserve the right to deny the use of a duplicate PB, even if the images are modified. We also assume that the PBs will reflect the roughly current age and appearance of the person, unless noted otherwise in the application (such as in a specific role or era). For example, if a player wishes to use Sean Connery as a PB, we will assume the character is a roughly 70-year-old man, unless the player specifies something like “Sean Connery in the role of James Bond” to indicate a younger character. Similarly, if the PB is not an actor, something like “David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase” would be an appropriate notation. Some characters with shapeshifting abilities may be permitted to have more than one PB, but these will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

-Players are currently limited to a maximum of 10 PC slots. That said, however, we would still prefer to have a few well-played characters than a bunch of mediocre ones, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE to fill all your slots up right away. In fact, we strongly advise against it. If we feel it is warranted, we may allow additional slots in the future.

-NPCs come in three forms: 1) Major NPCs (e.g. monsters, plot helpers, etc.). These will be handled by the mods, cannot be “floated” (given temporary control to another player), and they may or may not have names and PBs of their own. 2) Incidental NPCs (e.g. waitstaff, cab drivers, etc.). These appear infrequently, do not need permission to be floated among players, may have names, but do not have PBs. 3) Regularly-appearing NPCs (e.g. kids, pets, personal assistants of PCs, etc.). These are the responsibility of the primary characters’ players, and will appear fairly often in the game. We DO permit regularly-appearing NPCs to have PBs of their own, but those that do will share an account with the primary character, and MUST be noted at the time of the primary character’s application. They cannot be floated without permission from the primary characters’ players, and they are not permitted to make journal entries or appear in logs without at least one PC. For example, Poseidon has a daughter who is a regularly-appearing NPC. In order to have a PB of her own, it must be noted on Poseidon’s application, and all of her PB icons will be under Poseidon’s account. No one else may use her without the permission of Poseidon’s player, her icons can’t be used by any other players, she can’t have any journal entries of her own and she can only appear as a supporting role in a log. Regularly-appearing NPCs without PBs may enter the game at any time, but PB-bearing ones can only enter during the main application process, or after a major event (i.e. marriage, birth, adoption) with mod approval only, following which the primary character records must be updated accordingly.

-Posts are to be made to the main community, [community profile] metempsychosis_dw, and are assumed to work as normal journal entries to an DW community unless otherwise noted. You can also use these as phone calls, text messages, emails, and occasionally face-to-face conversations (as may happen during events, though in-person interactions should generally be done through log entries) or such—just make sure they are labeled at such either within the post or in the subject line. For example: [Email to Odin] [Text to Gawain] [Call to Poseidon] [Face-to-Face Conversation to Anyone in Earshot].

-Voice and/or video entries are considered acceptable as well, but they should be noted as such somehow, otherwise we will assume they are normal text-based entries.

-Sometimes we get little writing urges for tiny plot bunnies or drabbles with our characters, and that’s fine. These may go under the main community with the tag “!mini-log.” Generally, characters are not expected to respond to mini-log entries, unless perhaps a character is directly affected by the mini-log, e.g. Apollo has a mini-log where he sends a birthday card to Asclepius, and Asclepius replies to the mini-log to acknowledge the gesture.

-Remember to tag your posts! Anytime your character posts an entry, log, or comment, make sure you tag the post with that character’s name. This is instrumental in determining a character’s activity level.

-Activity checks will be held on a bimonthly basis, and at this time we require only 10 IC tags per character per AC period posted in any combination of any two threads (be it journal entries, logs, comments or a combination of the above), though it may be subject to change if we feel it is necessary. Characters that do not pass the activity requirements for the period will be placed on “standby” status during the period following. If there is sufficient activity during the period on standby, the character(s) will be moved back to active status. Those that fail the check while on standby will be dropped.

-Don’t forget to introduce yourself! We want to get to know you and make new friends, so we ask that all new players make a short introductory post on the OOC community, [community profile] metem_ooc. Tell us things like who you are, what character(s) you’re playing and what they’re like, what kind of plots you enjoy (and/or don’t enjoy), what brought you to the game, etc. Are you an established player with a new character? Introduce him or her! This is a great opportunity to brainstorm plots and get new people involved.

-We ask that players not use sockpuppet accounts when applying to Metempsychosis. If for some reason you wish to keep your identity private and apply with a sockpuppet, please contact the mods first.

-Have fun! That’s why we’re all here, isn’t it? The rules and guidelines we’ve established are all here to try and keep the game enjoyable for everyone. If you ever have a question or a concern, don’t be shy! The mods are here to help.

-More specific rules that are necessary to gameplay are included in the FAQ. Please make sure to read through them thoroughly. If you have questions that you don’t see answered either here or the FAQ, please feel free to ask a mod.


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