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On the day of the Spring Equinox, it was revealed that what Gaia had spoken of was a return for every godling of their ancient selves. All of those who had been gods were now gods once more, and those who were human are returned to a state more in tune with how they were in their first lives. Anyone out in public was instantly recognized in their human identities, despite any physical differences. For the first time, the general population now discovered that the godlings exist.

Esther found herself in her old Persian garb and asked Lilith for advice. Lilith herself didn't have a solution but implied she had plans of her own, which she promised to share with Esther later.

Ariadne confided that she was having the same problem as Esther, being forced to wear the clothes of her first life.

Lilith's plan turned out turns out to be a trip to Ogma's home in order to seduce him. After his initial resistance and talking to make sure the possible implications are understood, the two made love.

Erato woke up as her godly self, forcing her to reveal the truth to her parents. She later visited Achilles in this form, inspiring his troops. The two planned to take advantage of this moment to conceive a child.

Sigyn discussed her current state with Asclepius on the forum, as well as his own.

Kali woke up to her godly form, and raged at the absence of her necklace. She rampaged through the city after retrieving it, where Bastet was unable to convince her to stop. Meanwhile Seth and Astarte had also woken to their godly forms. Bastet informed them of Kali's actions and they agreed to help bring an end to Kali's destruction-- though not before Seth and Astarte took advantage of their godly forms to have some immortal sex. When they arrived in Las Vegas, Kali showed no desire to stop, so Astarte came up with the idea of Seth distracting Kali with sex. Seth and Kali proceeded to engage in a destructive bout of carnal activity that at one point brought down an entire building.

Mab, empowered to her old self, caused a blizzard in Chicago and took advantage of the confusion to form pacts with the city's power-players.

Hades visited Persephone in Los Angeles where the two spent the day together, sharing a moment of passion under the Sun.

Apollo and Melpomene traveled to see Urania, determined to spend the day together and shake things up while they're at it. Along the way, Apollo inducted Melpomene into the Mile High Club.

Dionysus attracted a parade of ongoers influenced by his powers. He also put a taunting post on the forum. He also crossed paths with Aphrodite, and rekindling their ancient passion, the two had a brief public encounter in the park.

Triton spent his own time forming an army of his classmates to serve the cause of his father.
Poseidon reveled in a return to his true self, creating a sense of awe in Chelsea.

Later in the day Seth and Astarte were invited by Aphrodite to a get-together, not long after the Goddess of the Tender Passions had also indulged her lusts with Poseidon. Seth and Aphrodite caught up, while Astarte tries to overcome her fear of sea-beasts by speaking to Poseidon.

After greatly enjoying each other's forms, Tyr and Sif were forced to pick Tina up as their godly selves, shocking both Tina and Tyr's ex-wife Rebecca. After some initial shock, Tina accepted who they are and Sif began to explain to the young girl their own history, as well as their current situation.

Arthur stayed home in full armor that day and ordered delivery.

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