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Everyone spent the next few days quietly adjusting to everything that had happened over the Equinox.

Aphrodite found herself to be something of a sudden media darling in the wake of her influence over the city. Some feared her, some gained a deep respect for her, and some were outright suspicious. She kept going in stride, and had actually gotten a bump in business now that she was "outed." She missed her powers, and would have loved to have them back again.

Apollo continued to charm the citizens of Seattle. People seemed to look to him to keeping the now-known Muses in line. He did seem to be getting wider exposure and fame now that his real identity was out there. He also found himself wishing he could have his abilities back more often, but was still doing well enough without them that it was not a big priority for him.

Ariadne, having not left her home all day during the Equinox, hadn't experienced much different, although her co-workers were still trying to get her to explain where she was on that Tuesday. Frankly, she'd rather not go through that again.

Asclepius was busier than ever, and his patients were raving about their "miracle cures" at his hands. He had difficulty finding a way to explain it to his young daughters, though. He did wish he had his old abilities and equipment back, since it would mean being able to save more patients, but only so long as he'd be able to wear normal clothes to do it.

Bastet had a lot easier time doing her job since it was discovered she's a goddess. Most people didn't want to incur her wrath, so things had become much more honest at the MGM Grand. She didn't especially mind not having her powers, since there weren't any serious threats to combat right then, but they would be useful to help deter mischief around her.

Erato was still trying to help her family come to terms with who she really was. Meanwhile, she was experiencing a lot more traffic on her advice blog, and her parents had never been more productive. Seeing as her abilities had never been that strong, she didn't really care if she had them one way or another.

Esther decided to just make it an extended birthday party, and found that she got a lot more attention as Queen Esther than as Hada Morgenstern, although no one really acknowledged her other identity. However, the godlings had created a national stir, and she'd been keeping close tabs on the fallout in Washington.

Kali had been embroiled in questions surrounding rules-lawyering of the boxing circuit. Some were also looking to her to help pay to clean up the destruction left in her wake. No one dared to ask for the return of her necklace. She didn't entirely know what to DO with her powers, so she wasn't really caring if she had them or not, but she did think they're kind of cool.

Ogma fortunately escaped a great deal of scrutiny and most people in Kansas City remained blissfully unaware of who he really was. His children were still coming to terms with the idea that their dad was actually a god. He'd been trying to keep in touch with Lilith, unsure of where their relationship was going to be going from that point. He missed his powers, but was content without them.

Sif had been trying to reassure Tina and her employees about who she really was, and her bakery had gotten an uptick in business from curious customers. She remained in regular contact with the other Norse, and was busily planning on getting to New York and Iowa as fast as she could. She also wished she still had her powers, but could live without them.

Triton had been dealing with people not sure whether or not to take him seriously as a god or not in the absence of his powers, and working to train his new army. Most people tried not to upset him, though, and most continued to be willing to follow his orders, but he did not command as much respect as he did with them. He wished immensely to have them back, and also hoped his trumpet would also be recovered.

Urania feigned a family emergency to fly back home and talk to her parents and sisters (the biological ones, not the Muses) and take some time to sort through her memories, as she hadn't been fully awakened yet. She was a bit puzzled since the amount of knowledge she had as the Muse of Astronomy made scientific discovery a lot less captivating, so she was kind of going through a 'should I be in grad school' phase to go with the whole 'who am I?' She left notes to Apollo, Mel and Erato pretty much saying she needed bio-family time, and to wait to contact her first or until she got back to Laramie unless there was an emergency. Things were awkward at work, and at the Laramie area. Urania also was keeping an eye on the blogosphere and the news.

Melpomene's face was well known in Seattle now, and some people really enjoyed her. Others were really not happy that she existed at all, as she had ruined some of their lives respectively. She, of course, shrugged it off as she only pushed what was already there.

There was also a very graphic suicide in Georgia during the Equinox. The woman had filled the bathtub with water, got inside the water and then pulled her microwave and computer tower into the water with her, that she had hooked up to extension cords. Her cell phone was found on the toilet. Police tried to contact the last incoming number, but it was on a tracfone which no one answered.

Mab was not publicly outed, as the city government was bound by a fairy deal to keep her safe, and no direct footage of her face was ever recorded. The City of Chicago was actually doing rather well in the aftermath in nearly all areas.

Lilith was not directly identified during her transformation, so she got back to her routine rather easily. She was happy to keep in touch with Ogma. Though the Christian population had been stirred to a frenzy in and around L.A., claiming the whole thing as a sign the world was ending.

Seth was busy exerting his muscle among the power-brokers of New York to secure his and Astarte's positions in the city. He had also inducted more loyal mobsters into his cult.

Hades was keeping in touch with Persephone and monitoring the effects of the godlings' actions on humanity and how to respond.

Tyr was planning for his wedding to Sif, despite people knowing who he was.

Frigg was not in public during the event so people were not aware of her godhood.

Dionysus, having spent the Equinox drinking like an immortal, was unpleasantly surprised to wake up the following morning with a mortal hangover, which kept him incommunicado for a couple of days in an abandoned warehouse in the Bronx. Upon recovering, he decided to head west again, bumming rides and seeing where he would wind up.

In a related story, representatives for Seth MacFarlane and Richard Dawkins were "unable to comment" on the packages both men received in the mail on the day of the Equinox, though anonymous sources report that both packages contained a bottle of 18-year-old single-malt scotch and an eloquently worded sympathy note.

Persephone was grateful to liven in South San Francisco, so not too much negative attention on her, just the shop being busy. She'd been keeping up with the grainy pictures of them on the neopagan and gothy web sites and telling Hades she was okay.

Sigyn was the official patron goddess of her hospice patients and coworkers, but no one really cared about people like that enough to bother her.

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