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If your character works at a certain location, owns a business or the like, you're welcome to have this noted here, in this way other players can reference it for plot and whatever else. Other notable locations will also be referenced here as the game progresses.

Place name: City Park Zoo
Located In: New York City
Owner(s): New York City
Employees: many, but notoriously (formerly) Madeline Fletcher/Medusa [ profile] solid_gaze: Herpetologist, venomous snake lab
What is it? A zoo

Place name: Frosted Fancies
Located In: Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA
Owner(s): Amber Wheatley/Sif [personal profile] amber_wave_of_grain
Employees: NPC assistants
What is it? A high-end bakery, especially popular for its wedding cakes

Place name: Hawk of the Plain Rare and Gently Used Books
Located In: Lincoln, NE
Owner(s): (Formerly) Jonah Hawk/Sir Gawain [ profile] greengawain
Employees: (Formerly) Jonah Hawk/Sir Gawain, several others (most notably Darius Meow, the store cat), open to other PCs
What is it? A rare and used bookstore

Place name: Mode Moderne magazine headquarters
Located In: New York City, New York
Owner(s): Callista Lovelace/Aphrodite [personal profile] venusingucci
Employees: NPCs, open to PCs in the fashion business.
What is it? Where the high fashion magazine is created and published. Also has areas for photo shoots, tailoring and garment storage.

Place name: Newton's
Located In: Anaheim, California
Owner(s): Nigel Beckwith (NPC)
Employees: Formerly Linnaea Benson|Sigyn [personal profile] delicatefire; various NPCs as waitstaff.
What is it? A diner open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. 7 days a week, serving typical diner fare. Take-out available.

Place name: Sidewalk Coffee Co.
Located In: Olympia, Washington
Owner(s): Dave Benson (NPC)
Employees: Formerly Amanda Keefe/Erato [personal profile] roseredheart, open to other PCs
What is it? A cozy mom-and-pop coffeehouse, serving a variety of coffees, teas, Italian sodas and more. All products are fair trade. Open mike nights are generally held every Thursday.

Place name: The Sword in the Stone
Located In: University District, Seattle WA
Owner(s): Formerly Nina Drake/Nimue [ profile] nina_drake
Employees: Pendragon, store kitty
What is it? Pagan Supply Store

Place name: Valknut Mens Wear
Located In: New York City
Owner(s): Formerly Erik Greyson/Odin [ profile] gladsheim_guy
Employees: a whole bunch of corporate lackeys
What is it? Corporate line of trendy mens clothing


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