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Gameplay Basics
Q: Is there a rating limit on content?
A: Officially speaking, no. Content may be from G to NC-17-rated. We expect mature content in Metempsychosis, and thusly ask that all players and PCs be at least 18 years of age. However, all mature content needs to be friendslocked and placed behind appropriate warning labels and cuts. That said, we do request that content featuring illegal activities (e.g. rape, underage drinking, illegal drug use, etc.) be kept to a minimum. When in doubt, err on the side of tastefulness and/or ask a mod first.

Q: How does the game work?
A: The game works exactly like a normal IJ community does: posting to Metempsychosis is like posting on IJ and other people can reply to your post, unless you've filtered your entry in some way. Posts made to the log community detail in-person interactions in a narrative format.

Q: What if I only want a specific character or group to be able to respond to my entry?
A: If you want to talk to a specific person you can filter entries like this [Filter: Amanda] and then only can said character reply to your post. You can also filter your entry to a group of people, e.g. [Filter: Angels]. [Filter: Private] means no one but the one who made the comment can see it.

Q: Can game entries be hacked?
A: No. We do not permit anyone to hack game entries.

Q: Can I make a sound or video entry?
A: Sure! We welcome sound and video entries. NOTE: They do not have to LITERALLY be sound or video entries, just marked as such.

Q: Can my PB be a cartoon character or a drawing that I’ve made?
A: No. We ask that all character PBs be real people. They don't necessarily have to be FAMOUS people--if, for example, you can get enough pictures of yourself, your best friend or next-door neighbor, knock yourself out--but they do need to be real people. The only exception to this is for events that may involve the character(s) shapeshifting or taking on their godly forms, in which case icons of artistic interpretations are acceptable, but they will still need a primary real-person PB.

Q: I want to use a PB, but s/he is listed on the Taken page. What can I do?
A: If the PB is being used by a character in either active or standby status, we would first ask that you select a different PB. Alternately, if you can modify the PB’s image to be clearly visually distinct from the one currently in use, we may allow it, but we require sample icons submitted to the mods for judgment first. However, if the PB was used by a dropped/deceased character, you may use it however you see fit (although this may result in some surprised reactions from other characters).

Q: What if I’ve changed my mind for the PB I want to use?
A: If you’d like to change a character’s PB, you’ll need to get mod clearance first before asking for revisions on the Taken page and/or swapping your icons. The reason for this is just to keep everything organized and prevent accidental double PBs.

Q: What if I want to use a PB who is currently much older than the age I want my character to be?
A: We do ask players to please be mindful that their choices reasonably reflect the character(s) portrayed. However, if you can find sufficient images of the PB at a suitable younger age (e.g. Sean Connery in the role of James Bond, David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase, etc.), then that’s fine--we just ask that you note it as such in the application. Otherwise we will assume you intend to use the PB as s/he currently appears.

Q: Does my PB need to be the same ethnicity as the character's pantheon ordinarily dictates?
A: Not at all! If you feel an Asian PB perfectly fits your Arthurian knight or a Native PB fits your Norse goddess, that's just fine. Nor do all character "sets" (e.g. Horsemen, Muses, Norns, etc.) have to be racially homogenous. If one Fury's PB is African, another's Caucasian, and the third's Hispanic, that is entirely okay. Nor does the character have to be born in the same area. If you want a Hindu god who was reborn in Germany, or a Greek goddess from Canada, regardless of PB ethnicity, that's perfectly okay too.

Q: Where do I make first-person IC posts?
A: Journal entries (in-character posts in first-person-perspective) should be posted to http://metempsychosis-dw.dreamwidth.org/. Short third-person posts about a single character (known as mini-logs) may also be posted to http://metempsychosis-dw.dreamwidth.org/

Q: Where do I make third-person IC posts?
A: Third-person posts should go under the log community. They may either be posted in completed form, or posted in an incomplete form and continued through comments.

Q: What about Action Posts? Are those OK?
A: Generally, in-person interactions would belong in the log community. However, for characters in close proximity, e.g. roommates or characters within easy traveling distance, action posts are permitted, and they may be posted at http://metempsychosis-dw.dreamwidth.org/ and marked as "[Action]" in the subject line or as appropriate in the post body.

Q: Do I need to use a particular format when posting a log?
A: Yes, we do ask that you use the log template when posting. It can be found on the profile page of the log community.

Q: What if I want to post something out-of-character or that I don’t want to be considered part of the game?
A: All non-in-game posts, from whether you think something requires a tag from chatting to needing to do a log, or even posting drabbles, art and other related things, etc., should go under our OOC community.

Q: Do I have to tag my posts?
A: Yes! You need to make sure that all in-character posts are tagged with the names of all participating characters. This is how we determine your activity levels.

Q: How long does a game day last?
A: A standard game day is approximately equivalent to one real-time day. However, as we are a slow-burn game, we allow flexibility in terms of the length of the days to suit the pace of the game. Days may be considerably longer during an event than during "sandbox" time, depending on the needs of the situation. But, when in doubt, or if little is going on at the time, the passage of days can be treated as a 1:1 ratio.

Q: How do I know what day it is in game?
A: Generally, the in-game date is approximately the same as it is on the real-time calendar. However, time in Metempsychosis passes in "seasons" rather than days to allow flexibility in terms of timing events and other happenings in the game. Once every few months, we will announce that it is now "spring," "summer," "fall" or "winter," so the characters can engage in appropriately seasonal activities. Any questions regarding timing can be directed to Ash, our calendar mod.

Q: Where can I go to find out what happened during a game day?
A: You can either read over the posts made during that game day, or you may check out the Past Days Digest and read a synopsis of important events and development made during that time.

Q: If I post a log that is supposed to take place on a certain game day, do I have to post it on that game day?
A: We do prefer that logs begin on the day on which they take place, if possible, but as the calendar is flexible, this is not required. If you'd rather start something early (e.g. a Halloween-based thread in mid-October on the real-world calendar) or backdate something, that is entirely OK. We do, however, request that the posts are timestamped with the date they begin in game for the purposes of our Past Days Digest. Some players may also wish to do logs that illustrate an event that happened before the game began, for example, Apollo and Asclepius may do a log that shows them as young men in college together, which would have happened over ten years before the game time. Past life logs are also welcome. We just again ask that you note when the logs are supposed to be taking place.

Q: What is going on here?
A: Essentially, Metempsychosis is an RPG based around figures in Greek, Celtic/Arthurian, Judeo-Christian, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, and Norse mythology reborn into a modern-day setting.

As the hearts of mighty civilizations rose, fell, and their influence shifted westward, so, too, did the divine epicenters of the deities they worshipped. Even the gods, demigods, monsters and mortal heroes fell subject to the same ruin, and were thrust into the cycle of rebirth and placed at the mercies of warring powers older and more powerful than they ever were. Now, each of these ancient seats of power lies hidden somewhere in the United States. The figures themselves, now all born into human bodies, must rediscover these epicenters, and in doing so, uncover their powers, reclaim their ancient seats, and restore their ancient and rightful glories.

The path will not be easy, however. The powers they once wielded have been diminished in their human forms, but they are still awesome enough to elicit both wonder and fear from the ordinary citizens around them. Many obstacles will stand in their way, and they are still subject to the ongoing battles of the ancient and mysterious forces that have created this situation.

Q: How do the characters' powers work in the game, and what kind of powers do they have?
A: Characters' powers should reflect the domain(s) over which they originally held influence. For example, the reborn Dionysus has the ability to manifest an alcohol beverage from thin air any time he wishes. Please note, however, that, since they have all been reborn as humans, the characters' powers will NOT be as strong as they were in the original myths. Also, not all abilities will be of equal strength. A character that was originally a full god will have greater powers than one who was a demigod (e.g. a reborn Poseidon will be more powerful than a reborn Perseus). Normal humans will be able to notice these superpower abilities, and may revere or revile the characters accordingly. Characters who were human in their myths (e.g. the Knights of the Round Table, Adam and Eve, etc.) will not have any actual superpowers, although they may be exceptionally talented in some respect. If you have questions over what abilities would be appropriate, you are welcome to check with the mods.

Q: Are abilities, depending on the character, allowed to be turned on or off, or even controlled? As in, could a character choose NOT to use his/her power, e.g. Famine’s touch doesn’t always have to inflict hunger or Apollo can just sing without necessarily healing anyone?
A: This will largely depend on the nature of the power, and really boils down to whether it works on an active, subconscious or passive level. For instance, Erato’s ability to create harmony is a passive power—she can’t turn it off, so to speak. Asclepius’s ability to heal at a touch is a conscious action, and only works when he deliberately wills it to do so, and therefore is an active power. Sif's ability to always have enough food on hand is subconscious, meaning that, while she can't will food into existence and have it appear from thin air, she has to be looking for it in order for it to show up.

Q: Can their abilities work while they're unconscious or asleep?
A: Again, this depends on the nature of the power. Passive abilities may work while the character is asleep or unconscious. Active powers that require a deliberate, conscious effort to use can only work when the character is also conscious. Subconscious powers also generally require the character to be awake and doing something in order to function.

Q: How can I know who has what powers, and how they might affect my characters?
A: We have a Powers Database for that! It's a handy side-by-side comparison found through the Reference page detailing whose powers are strongest (on a Major Deity, Minor Deity, Demigod or Mortal level) as well as how they function (Active--requiring deliberate intent; Subconscious--not requiring deliberate intent but just "happening" along with other conscious actions; Passive--entirely uncontrolled powers that work whether or not the character is conscious), and what they are.

Q: If a character is one with a superpower, will they have always had their ability, or only once they've remembered themselves?
A: Exactly when the powers begin to manifest will be up to player discretion, but chances are many godlings gained some portion of their abilities before they were fully aware of their true identities.

Q: How have the characters been brought together to this online community?
A: Every character has been sent a mysterious email containing a username, password and a link to the community. It isn't signed, and they can't get rid of the email until they join the community.

Q: Where are the characters living?
A: Anywhere you like! Characters do not have to be born American citizens nor presently residing in the United States, but they WILL be required to travel there sooner or later. Characters are permitted to travel around the world as they wish, but some events will require them to be in certain locations at certain times, and they may be unexpectedly pulled to those places. Do keep in mind, however, the characters' native origins should be reflected in how they are played. For example, a British-born character will not have the same mannerisms and speech patterns as one who grew up in Russia or in Florida.

Q: Is anything else going to happen?
A: Of course! The journey of rediscovery will be fraught with events, generally orchestrated or incited by the mysterious ancient forces afoot in the world. Each event will be announced, most commonly, by them through the Mod journal, along with particular details for each occurrence.
Q: Do you have application cycles?
A: No, we sure don’t! You can submit an application to us at any time without needing to reserve the character first!

Q: What if I want to request a hold for a character?
A: We don't require holds, but you may either comment on the Held/In Consideration page, or you may contact Lead Mod Ardruna directly through email (ardruna@gmail.com) or on AIM (Mirisa Erato) and she will make the necessary arrangements.

Q: If I do place a hold, how long does it last?
A: Once a hold is requested, you have seven days to submit the application. If you need an extension, let the mods know, and we can grant an additional 3 days to get it in, but no hold will last beyond the 10 day maximum.

Q: Do I have to apply as a god/dess?
A: Nope! You may play any figure appearing in the pantheons: gods, demigods, monsters, angels, mortals, whatever! However, we do not permit players to apply as such culturally-sensitive figures as God, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, etc. If you’re unsure, feel free to check with the mods.

Q: May I apply as a normal person?
A: You may have characters who were effectively ordinary humans in their original myths (e.g. Knights of the Round Table, the Apostles, etc.) and characters may be accompanied by regularly-appearing NPCs who are normal people. However, you may not apply to be a regular person who did not appear in a myth.

Q: May I apply as a figure from a different pantheon, or will it be possible for me to do so in the future?
A: Sorry, but at this time we are only accepting characters from the Greek, Celtic/Arthurian, Egyptian, Hindu, Judeo-Christian, Mayan and Norse pantheons. We will consider expanding the game to include additional pantheons in the future as the mods feel more comfortable with their respective mythological expertise.

Q: May I apply as an original character?
A: No. While players are certainly welcome to make the characters their own, we do not permit OCs. You are welcome to apply, for example, as one of the Muses (such as Urania), a nymph (such as Oenone), a centaur (such as Chiron), or an angel (such as Michael), but you are not allowed to create your own gods, nymphs, muses, monsters, angels, etc.

Q: May I use a character from a game/show/movie/book/etc. that has its basis in the available mythologies?
A: Assuming the character in question does actually appear in the original mythos, keep in mind that we are not a fandom-based game. While you are welcome to have the pop-culture depiction influence your characterization (for example, making your version of Hades similar to how he appeared in the "Percy Jackson" series), we would prefer that your character be primarily as s/he appears in Celtic-Arthurian/Judeo-Christian/Greek/Norse/Egyptian/Hindu/Mayan mythology so as to avoid confusion.

Q: May I apply as a Sin/Virtue?
A: Sorry, but no. We feel they are more like character traits than fully-fledged people.

Q: So, if there are multiple versions of myths, which one do I go by?
A: There are often too many variations of myths for us to officially sanction one or another. However, we do generally prefer the more 'widespread/better known' version. We also recommend checking the masterlist of applications for other characters sharing the same myths and matching it with theirs in order to maintain continuity and/or build CR. In your application, just let us know which version you are going with. If you have any questions, please contact the mods.

Q: If my character appears as male in the myths, could he be reborn as female, or vice versa?
A: No. We ask that characters remain the same biological sex as was originally specified in the myth, though they are not necessarily required to identify as that sex. If you are playing a character whose sex is not specified in myth (e.g. Metatron, Horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc.), you may play the character as either male or female. If you are playing a character whose gender or sex changed in the myth (e.g. Tiresias or Iphis), we would prefer that you go with the biological sex the character was born to (per the examples, Tiresias should be played as a male and Iphis as a female), although you may choose androgynous/transgendered PBs of the appropriate biological sex. If you are applying for a character who is not technically sexed but is distinctly gendered (e.g. Archangel Michael, who is clearly masculine, if not technically male), we strongly suggest playing him/her according to that gender. If you wish to play such a character as a sex different from said gender, you must present a well-reasoned explanation why to the mods in advance (in other words, "just for the lulz" is not enough--there needs to be a compelling character-driven reasoning behind it) before we can accept it. If the character is genderqueer or otherwise identifies as a gender that is different from the biological sex, that is fine and you may note that under the "Other Notes" section of the application. Some in-game events may result in gender-bending, however. If you're unsure, ask a mod.

Q: Does my character have to have multiple reincarnations before this one?
A: Not at all! You may have as many or as few past lives as you choose. If this is the first reincarnation of your character, just make a note on the History section saying so before continuing to the biography of his/her current incarnation.

Q: My character was reborn at least once in his/her myths. Does this go under the Mythology or the History section of the application?
A: This would go under the Mythology section. The History section is for their “normal” mortal rebirths.

Q: The character I want to play has ties to more than one pantheon. Does s/he count as being in all of them?
A: In the case of a "crossover" character, we would ask that you choose which of the pantheons you would like him or her to represent, and to stick with that interpretation for the purposes of gameplay.

Q: May I list a historical figure as one of my character’s reincarnations?
A: No. These reincarnations should be fictional only (though these do not count as being “original characters”). For example, while you may list your character as having a past life under Nazi-controlled Europe, you cannot have a character that was reincarnated as Hitler.

Q: A character I want to play is listed as being "in consideration." May I still apply for him/her?
A: Yes, you may. We do accept challenger applications for as long as the character in question is listed as being in consideration. If the first application received is in the revision grace period, challenger applications will be accepted until the grace period expires (the date for which will be listed by the character's name). We will mark an "x" beside an in-consideration character's name for each challenger application we receive for him/her. If you are submitting a challenger application, please be sure to note "Challenge" in the subject line when you submit it.

Q: What if the character I want to play is held? Can I still apply?
A: If someone has requested a hold, out of respect for that reservation, we do ask that no one except the person placing the hold submit the application at that time. However, if you have your heart set on that character, let the mods know. We can alert you to when the application is received, thus allowing you to submit a Challenger application, or let you know if the hold expires, freeing up the character.

Q: A character I want to play is listed as being on "standby." May I still apply for him/her?
A: Yes, you may. This will be treated as a challenger application, and should be noted as "Challenge" in the subject line when submitted. Characters on "standby" are those that did not pass the previous month's activity check. Upon receiving the challenger application, the character's original player will be notified, and we will ask that player to seriously consider if s/he wants to continue playing that character and let us know and reactivate that character within a certain time limit (exactly how long will be determined on a case-by-case basis). Before a standby character can change hands, though, the challenger application must receive mod approval just as any normal application would, and the original player will either need to agree to drop the character, fail to respond to the notification, and/or fail to make that month's activity check.

Q: A character I want to play is listed as being dropped or deceased. May I still apply for him/her?
A: Absolutely! Dropped/deceased characters are considered entirely fair game for another player to claim. Players who wish to pick up a dropped/deceased character have the option to either adopt the character "as is" based on the application we have on record (we do keep a masterlist viewable to players) and the CR established in the game, in which case the player only needs to submit a copy of the application on file (although the character's journal name will have to be changed), or the player may submit a new application, and may choose whether or not to recognize any previously established CR. Please keep in mind that other characters will not magically forget prior interactions with the character in question, and will likely consider him/her amnesiac in these instances.

Q: I've been told I need to revise my application. How much time do I have to resubmit it?
A: Once you receive notice to revise the application, you will have a 5 day grace period to correct and resubmit it, during which the character will remain "in consideration" (and subject to challenger applications). If you need an extension, let us know, and we will grant you an additional three days to complete the changes. Special circumstances will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Assuming you have not otherwise made arrangements with the mods, if you do not submit an application to the mods' satisfication within the grace period and/or the extension runs out, the application will be considered rejected.

Q: My application was rejected. May I try to reapply?
A: Unless the character is taken by someone else, you may reapply for a character as many times as you like. However, in order to give everyone a fair chance to play, we do ask that you wait a minimum of 14 days from the date of the most recent rejection before trying again. This should allow time to reconsider and revise your application accordingly.

Q: What do you look for in an application?
A: Details on what to include are listed on the application form, but here are a few things in particular that the mods recommend:

- Correct spelling and grammar. We admit it--we expect our players to be able to use language properly, and we will ask you to correct errors that we find. So, make sure you proofread before you submit!

- A thorough mythology section. Now, we do realize that for some important figures, it would be impossible to include EVERY little thing, and, conversely, some minor figures will only have limited information available. However, we expect to see an explanation of their domains/powers, any applicable incidences that are particularly revealing to their natures and personalities, as well as anything that establishes myth-based relationships with other current or potential figures in the game. We strongly recommend looking through the Application Masterlist for examples of what to include. If you should find mythological references to events/actions that don't seem to "fit" your interpretation of the character or are dissonant with your personal values, it is up to you to find a way to reconcile them with the character's usual behaviors (and the mods will be happy to help you understand/explain possible reasons for it if this is a sticking point), but you may not simply ignore it or pretend it never happened just because it bothers you or you just don't like it--very few characters are entirely morally black or white, after all. Please remember that we are not responsible for any player ignorance should you fail to sufficiently research the character(s).

- An appropriate power level on abilities. In September 2012, all of the godlings underwent a permanent power boost (and over time will continue to develop their powers), and we expect all new characters to be at comparable post-increase levels at the time they enter into the game. Major deities will be expected to have noticeable and possibly even showy superpowers, with more minor figures having more subtle abilities. When in doubt, err on the side of slightly overpowering the character--we'll tell you if it needs to be dialed back! We strongly recommend looking at the Powers Database to get an idea of everyone's current power levels.

- A balanced and complete personality. No one is perfect--least of all the godlings! We like to see their strengths, weaknesses, insights into their thought processes, how they approach relationships, etc. What makes them happy? What makes them sad or angry? We want to know!
Standby, Drops, Reboots and Hiatus
Q: My character was placed on "standby." What does this mean?
A: Any character who fails to pass the bimonthly activity check is moved to "standby" status during the following activity period as a warning. At the end of the period, characters on standby who pass the activity check will be moved back to normal active status. Those that fail the activity check for the second period in a row will be considered dropped. Other players may submit challenger applications for any character who appears on standby. If this happens, the current player will receive a notification and be asked to seriously consider if s/he wishes to continue playing the character. The player will be required to respond and/or reactivate the character within a certain timeframe (to be judged on a case-by-case basis--both the player and the challenger will be informed of the duration). If the current player fails to do so, the character in question will be considered dropped, and may pass to the challenger if the new application is approved.

Q: I've decided I no longer want to play one of my characters. May I drop him/her? What happens when I do?
A: Players are welcome to drop characters at any time, and can do so by letting a mod know. Dropped characters are considered "missing" in the game, and characters that previously interacted with them will not lose their memories of any established CR.

Q: I dropped my character earlier, but would love to play him/her again! Can I just pick up where I left off?
A: If no one else has taken the character in the meantime, you would be welcome to pick up him/her again. However, we do require that you formally reapply for the character—that is, you must resubmit the application (which would be open to challenger applications) and have the mods' approval before you can resume play.

Q: I want to reboot my character. How would I go about doing that?
A: If you have found yourself at an absolute dead end, but want to give your character a fresh start instead of dropping him/her, this is an option. Please contact the mods with well-explained reasons as to why you wish to reboot your character. As this is not a decision we take lightly, we will consider it, as well as your activity and so forth, before telling you whether we accept or not.

Reboot apps can be submitted at any time, just as a normal application. Like normal applications, they are subject to challenger applications and may be asked to be revised. However, if your rebooted application is rejected, the character will be considered dropped. If this should happen, you would be welcome to reapply after fourteen days, if you wish.

Q: I’m not going to be able to post for a while. How can I make sure I don't get called out for inactivity?
A: We have a hiatus post for that! If you need to be away for more than one game day, we request that you make note of it there. If for some reason you are unable to do this (we understand, emergencies happen sometimes without warning), contact the mods and let them know what’s happening. If you don't post a hiatus or talk to a mod, your character(s) will be considered subject to the activity checks and will be placed on standby or dropped, as is appropriate, if they should fail.

If your absence was due to a sudden emergency (e.g. illness, accident, natural disaster, etc.) and you are not able to let the mods know until after the fact, you do have the right to appeal. Explain the situation to the mods, and we will make a judgment on what to do. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Q: May I put just one of my characters on hiatus?
A: If you play multiple characters, then, no, you may not put a single character on hiatus. If you are unable to play a single character for some reason, we would prefer that you reboot or drop the character, so as to give other players who may want him/her a fair chance to play.

Q: Am I allowed to post while on hiatus?
A: Sure you can! If you find that you have the opportunity to play during a planned absence, by all means, go for it! The hiatus just protects your active status in case you AREN'T able to post.

Game IC
Q: Do you require “How’s My Driving” (HMD) posts?
A: At this time, no. Here, we believe every player is on the honor system to play his or her character(s) according to the vision as presented in the application(s), and develop them over the course of the game in ways that make sense from the experiences they go through, and not as how someone else thinks the character(s) should be played. Players are certainly welcome to have HMD posts on the characters’ individual journals, if they wish, however. If you are concerned that another player’s character is behaving in a markedly OOC fashion, let a mod know, and we will investigate the matter and make a judgment on it.

Q: My character has a sibling/child/assistant/etc. that will frequently be around him/her. May I bring this person into the game as an NPC?
A: Yes, you may! This would be considered a “regularly-appearing” NPC. Please note, however, that NPCs are to be just that—props to the plot and interactions, not independent characters. They must be normal mortals. They cannot make entries of their own (occasional first-person comments from NPCs are allowed, however), though they may have PBs of their own if that is noted on the primary character’s application at the time it is submitted.

Q: Is it OK if my regularly-appearing NPC is under 18?
A: Age limits are negotiable in the cases of player-controlled NPCs, as some will be the children of PCs. However, we strongly wish to remind players that underage NPCs should be minimally involved in adult plots (in other words, avoid statutory rape, underage drinking/drug use, etc.).

Q: So, if our characters are all human now, does that mean they can die?
A: Yes, yes it does. Even those with superpowers, the characters are still mortal and may be subject to illness, accidents or other potentially fatal situations. While dead characters can be brought back into the game, the mods do not take death lightly, however. If your character should die, you will be asked if you wish to drop the character, reboot the character, or continue playing him/her. You will not be allowed to resume play immediately, however. If a normal mortal NPC, whether regularly-appearing or otherwise, should die, however, dead is dead. There is no coming back.

Q: What happens to a character when s/he dies?
A: Characters who die will be placed under the care of the Higher Powers and be kept in a period of stasis in a secret location, until or unless a player starts to play them again. The same is also true of characters who are dropped or on hiatus, only they are considered “missing” in the game. Upon returning to the game, the mods will work with the players to determine what, if any, IC knowledge the character in question has upon his/her return.

Q: If whatever the Higher Powers throw at the characters would be contradictory to a character's ability, who wins? Or is the character's ability just lessened instead of stamped out entirely?
A: While the gods will still be able to use their respective abilities, the effects of them will be lessened by events that would go against them.

Q: What if two characters with contradicting or opposite abilities, e.g. one causing happiness and the other causing sadness or anger, come together? Does this lessen the potency of their abilities, and if so how much?
A: Yes. They would effectively cancel each other out (depending on the respective strengths of the powers) until they separate. If one character is significantly stronger than the other, power-wise, the stronger character's powers will be lessened, but the weaker's will be completely dampened until they separate.

Q: If one of the events would be contradictory to a character's personality, what happens? (e.g. the event makes the characters want to sleep together, but my character has taken a strict vow of chastity.)
A: First of all, we mods fully intend to avoid any events that would force a character to act contrary to his or her personality. Secondly, how any given character reacts to an event is up to the player. In the above example, however, some characters may choose to give in to their urges and feel guilty later, while others will remain uncomfortable and frustrated during the event’s duration. It’s really your choice, but remember: do not forsake ICness for any plot. If you have any questions regarding what an acceptable response would be, you are always welcome to ask the mods.

Q: Do the abilities affect the former deities the same way they affect regular mortals?
A: Yes! All of the characters are in human bodies now, so they are just as susceptible to the effects of one character's ability as any human would be. However, the exception to this would be if two characters had contradicting abilities. In that case, the abilities would not have the same efficacy, and may even cancel each other out of the powers are of equal strength.

Q: Does my character need to be aware of his/her true self in the game?
A: How much a character knows of his or her true identity, or how quickly they come to realize it, is up to the player. Some characters will enter the game fully aware of their divine selves (and may or may not recognize other characters by their divine names), others may only have inklings, and others still will be entirely ignorant when they start. Keep in mind that all characters will have begun manifesting their abilities upon entering the game, which may be a strong clue, depending on the character. Eventually, however, ALL characters will become aware of their true selves.

Q: My character runs a business/works at a certain place/etc. Is there a place I can note this, in case someone wants to use it for plot or log purposes?
A: Definitely! You can mark it on our Locations page, if you wish.

Q: How do strikethroughs work in the game?
A: All stricken-through text is considered unsaid. You are still welcome to carry on strikethrough conversations, as many people are prone to, but keep in mind that this information is subtext or “reading between the lines,” and therefore not general knowledge of any commenters or onlookers.
Dressing Room Guidelines
Q: What's the dressing room for?
A: All in-character interactions that are not to be considered an "official" part of the game are to be posted in the dressing room, [community profile] metem_dressing. This may include "what-if" scenarios, random plotbunnies, a place to test out prospective character voices before formally applying to the game, etc.

Q: Who can join the dressing room?
A: Anyone! The dressing room is our only community without moderated membership, and is open to past, current and prospective Metempsychosis players and characters.

Q: Are players required to join the dressing room?
A: No one is required to participate in the dressing room, but we do strongly recommend doing so to offer everyone a chance at the fun. Prospective players are not required to do dressing room posts prior to formally joining the game, but they are welcome to use it as a place to test-run character voices and interactions before submitting applications.

Q: Are prospective players who participate in the dressing room required to join Metempsychosis?
A: No, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't hope that they would! The dressing room has an open-door policy and characters are welcome to come and go at any time without any formal commitment to the Metempsychosis game itself. We understand that not every character who participates in the dressing room will necessarily fit well into the game. However, if we notice prospective players abusing or trolling the dressing room, the mods reserve the rights to ban them as we see fit and disallow them from formally joining the game.

Q: Do the posts have to be in a certain format?
A: Nope! The dressing room allows for both first-person interactions (journal posts) and third-person interactions (logs). A log format template can be found on the community profile page, however.

Q: Am I required to tag dressing room posts?
A: Yes, we do ask that dressing room interactions be tagged with the names of all participating characters, whether or not they are part of the formal Metempsychosis game.

Q: Does dressing room participation count toward my activity?
A: At this point in time, no. The dressing room is designed to accompany regular game participation, not replace it.

Q: May I use dressing room posts as sample role-plays when applying for a character?
A: If you feel the post(s) adequately convey the character's voice, then, yes, you may either copy and paste the text or submit a link to the dressing room threads to serve as sample role-playing for the character in question. However, we do ask that the applying character appear significantly in the linked thread(s) in order to count as a sample for his/her application.

Q: Does the dressing room have any content limits?
A: Dressing room posts may be rated anywhere from G to mature ratings, but we do request that adult content is friendslocked and placed behind appropriate cuts and marked with warnings.

Q: What if I later decide I want a dressing room thread to become part of the game canon? Do I have to copy it or replay it on the other board(s)?
A: No. If you decide a particular dressing room interaction should become a part of the official game, just tag it with "!canon" and we'll count it. However, please do mark a time-stamp on the thread somewhere so we can incorporate it accurately into the Past Days Digest.
Game OOC
Q: What is the current character limit?
A: We have a character limit of ten characters per player. Feel free to mix and match them however you wish, and you do not need to have all ten slots filled at once if you don’t want to. We would much rather have a few well-played characters than a bunch of mediocre ones. However, while you're permitted to apply for up to ten characters, if we notice a pattern of continual apping, dropping, apping, etc., within a short span of time, we reserve the right to restrict any further applications. Similarly, if you're not sufficiently active with your current cast (e.g. regularly have one or more characters going on standby or being dropped due to inactivity), your application may be denied. Please contact us if you have any doubts.

Q: Will I be able to get additional character slots in the future?
A: Yes, it is possible, and we make it very easy! In order to petition for additional slots beyond the basic ten, just submit your application as per usual and note "Petition for Additional Slot" in the subject. Upon reviewing the application, our Admissions Mod will take into account your activity levels and quality of your participation, and will approve or deny the additional slots on a case-by-case basis.

Q: There’s a certain character I really want to play with in the game, but no one’s applied for him/her, and I don’t want to play him/her myself. What can I do?
A: We have a “Wanted Characters” list for that! Just post there saying which character(s) you’re looking for and why, and hopefully someone will apply for the one(s) you want!

Q: Do you have an activity requirement?
A: Yes, we do! Activity checks are held on a bimonthly basis (June/July, August/September, October/November, December/January, February/March, April/May), posted on the first of every other month and running through the sixth, with results posted on the 7th. At this time, we require ten tags split between two activity threads. (For example, nine tags on one thread and one tag on another thread would meet the activity check requirement. However, ten tags on one thread and no tags on any other thread would not meet the requirement.) These IC tags can be acquired by any means: journal entries, logs, responding to comments, commenting on others' posts, etc. If a character fails to meet the activity requirements, s/he will be placed on “standby” during the following activity period. If characters on standby meet the activity requirements during that period, they will be granted active status again. Characters on standby who fail the bimonthly check will be considered dropped.

Q: May I submit posts on backdated/backtagged threads to the Activity Check?
A: You certainly may! We only ask that the post being claimed for activity itself be made during the specified activity month. If, for example, the thread began in March, but you're still posting on it in April, you can still submit those posts time-stamped in April as proof of activity for the April/May activity period.

Q: Are there any kinds of posts that don't count for the activity check?
A: Yes, there are. Posts made as regularly-appearing NPCs do not count toward activity, nor do posts made on the OOC board. Dressing Room posts are also considered OOC, and do not count toward activity unless the post/thread has been tagged "!canon."

Q: Do you ever not have Activity Checks?
A: On occasion, circumstances do arise that cause the mods to declare a given bimonthly period a "Free AC Period." When this happens, all players are exempt from needing to make the required checks for their characters. Free AC periods are typically rare events, however.

Q: What if I have the normally-required activity during a Free AC Period? Do I get any credit for my efforts?
A: You most certainly do! Each character proven to have at least the minimum normally-required activity during a free AC period by posting their activity as per usual will earn a voucher that can be redeemed on a future required activity check.

Q: How does the AC voucher system work?
A: Characters who are short of the minimum-required activity during a check can redeem a voucher (if that character has one) in lieu of the requirement to avoid going on Standby or being dropped from the game due to insufficient activity.

Q: Do the vouchers ever expire?
A: No, they do not! So long as you play your character, any earned vouchers remain in good standing. Only if the character is dropped are the vouchers no longer usable.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of vouchers I can earn?
A: No, there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can earn. But in order to earn them, you must submit proof of activity during the standard check period of a Free AC Period.

Q: What if I have a voucher for Character X, but Character Y is short on activity? Can I just use one of X's vouchers to protect Y from Standby/being dropped?
A: No. Vouchers are not transferable. Vouchers earned by Character X can only be used for Character X.

Q: How do I redeem a voucher?
A: Easily! All you have to do is say that you want to use a voucher for a given character during that period. You can reply to the activity check saying so, you can let the mods know privately, or you can comment on the Voucher page. As long as you let at least one mod know somehow, you can redeem it. However, you MUST tell at least one mod in some fashion that you wish to redeem it or it will not be used. If you do not let the mods know, they WILL NOT apply a voucher for you.

Q: Are there any limits to how I can use my vouchers?
A: Yes, there are a few. A voucher can only be redeemed ONCE--once you use it, it's gone. Also, you may not use vouchers for a given character for more than two consecutive period. If, for example, Character X has earned three vouchers, but you get into a slump and need to use vouchers for Character X for February/March and April/May, assuming that June/July is not a Free AC Period, Character X MUST make the activity check for June/July or s/he will go on Standby. S/he CANNOT redeem the third voucher for that period. After all, if you are not able to make the minimum requirements for a character within 180 days, extenuating circumstances aside, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate having that character in play.

Q: Is there a place I can check to see which characters have available vouchers?
A: Certainly! We have a Voucher page for that! You are also welcome to ask the mods if you're not sure.

Q: I just joined the game. What do I do to get started?
A: First off, congratulations and welcome! We do ask all new players to make an introductory post on the OOC board first, so we can all get to know you. Tell us a little about yourself (what kinds of RP experience you have, what plots you enjoy and/or dislike, your comfort levels with certain content, what brought you to the game, random tidbits about yourself, etc.), and also which character(s) you will be playing and a little bit about each one. This is a great opportunity to meet the other players and begin plotting ways to get involved. Once you have your introductory post in the OOC community up, you may begin posting IC whenever you feel like jumping in.

Q: I’m already a player in Metempsychosis, but I just added a new character. Do I need to introduce him/her?
A: We would greatly appreciate an introduction of any new characters on the OOC board! Again, this is a good opportunity for players to get to know new characters and get them involved in plotting.

Q: I’m stuck with what to do for a character, but I don’t want to drop him/her. What can I do?
A: We will periodically sponsor IC events to help characters stay involved, as well as regular plot posts where players can brainstorm ideas for character interactions together. You are also welcome to message other players privately to try and get plots going. If all else fails, the mods will be glad to assist you in coming up with ideas, if you like.

Q: Are there other ways to get involved beyond just posting IC stuff?
A: Absolutely! Periodically, we will have various activities on the OOC boards in which players can participate (memes, soundtracks, contests, etc.). We also encourage players to interact both on and off the boards, and will offer live group chats when we can, so players can interact in real time.

Q: I have an idea I’d like to see in the game. May I make suggestions?
A: Certainly! Any time you have a question, comment or suggestion, you are welcome to submit it to the mods. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to use every idea that comes our way, but we will definitely take a look at each one we receive.
Additional Questions
If you have any other questions, or things that we didn’t cover in the above, don’t be shy! Just comment here or contact us otherwise, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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Date: 2012-04-14 06:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] asteroid30.insanejournal.com
What's covered in Judeo-Christian mythology? In other words, are we talking only Biblical and Talmudic figures or including things like saints? (And, if we include saints, do Celtic gods adopted as Christian saints count for both pantheons?)

Date: 2012-04-15 06:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] metemmods.insanejournal.com
Figures in the Bible/Torah, Talmud, Kaballistic writings, Gnostic gospels, etc. all count for the Judeo-Christian pantheon, assuming sufficient reference can be found for them. Saints would also be allowed, but in the case of saints adapted from non-Christian figures, as with all "crossover" figures, we would ask the player to decide which pantheon they represent and exclusively play him or her in that regard. In the case of Irish saints adapted from Celtic deities, we would ideally prefer to see them in their divine form.

Date: 2012-11-21 10:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] righteousanger.insanejournal.com
What's the stance on figures like Sita, who's technically an avatar of Lakshmi? Would Sita and Lakshmi both be playable, or only Lakshmi?


Date: 2012-11-26 09:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] metemmods.insanejournal.com
Sorry about the delayed response! Holiday weekends will do that. >_>

In any case, officially speaking, we would be happy to accept both Lakshmi and Sita as separate characters, since they do have individual legends. Of course, this doesn't mean there might not be some "bleed through" between their thoughts and such.

Date: 2012-11-26 04:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] righteousanger.insanejournal.com
Ooh, I like this answer. Thanks!

Date: 2012-12-23 12:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] nelec.insanejournal.com
Is it possible to hold a character, and if so, on what page?

Date: 2012-12-23 10:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] metemmods.insanejournal.com
Since we don't have application cycles, we don't require holds, but our In Consideration (http://metemmods.insanejournal.com/3804.html) page is where we make note of our pending characters.


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